"From start to finish, any one of Sandra's delicacies is a model of a superb culinary experience for others to aspire to. Sandra's Soups and Sweets are a winner with ALL and hit the spot every time!!"

Leigh Bush

Model, Actress, Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, CA


"I'm a mom, wife, attorney and especially a "foodie." I can definatively say that Sandra is an incredible cook and baker. Her cookies melt in your mouth and are the perfect combination of amazing flavors without being too sweet. I'm partial to her chocolate chip cookies. Her loafs are delicious. And I just love her tomato basil soup. It is truly the best I've ever had. Sandra also packages beautifully. Her soups and sweets make a great statement for entertaining and for catering!" 

Sari S.,

Attorney at Law

Los Angeles, CA


"Having been the owner and operator of a fresh food business for more than 17 years, one thing I recognize is freshness and quality. I've been lucky enough to try Sandra's delicious desserts several times and each time was a perfect experience! I was particularly impressed with the freshness and obvious quality of the ingredients. Nothing run-of-the-mill here. Sandra's sweets are nothing short of extraordinary!"

Meryl Carr 

Real Estate Broker- Coldwell Banker Estates

Los Angeles, CA

"Sandra is my go-to person. Amazing meals that are artfully prepared by a beautiful and charming woman! What more could a guy want?"

Raymond F. Staples

International Financier

Beverly Hills, CA


"Her soup creations are a work of culinary artistry." 

Tavis Bohlinger 


Santa Monica, CA


"Comfort food with a gourmet flair!!"

Anissa Williams

Casting Director and Producer

Beverly Hills, CA

"As a fitness expert, making the right choice when it comes to starches and proteins is of the utmost importance in my profession. Making the choice to have Sandra's outstanding food is the perfect way to stay healthy while still feeling like I'm getting away with something. I love how all of her ingredients are perfectly organic with absolutely NO preservatives at all!!!!!! Put it this way. I make excuses to stop by Sandra's house just so she will say 4 magic words, "Nat, are you hungry? " and we know the answer to that!!!!!!! YES YES AND YES!!!!!!!"

Natalie Raitano

Actress and Celebrity Fitness Trainer

New York City, NY


"It makes my mouth water thinking about Sandra's soups. Sandra makes beautiful food. Gorgeous to look at, perfectly comforting and tasty. Her heirloom tomato and basil soup is my perfect go-to dinner for the family. Everyone's always smiling."

Suzanna Melendez

Celebrity Esthetician

Calabassas, CA


"My wife is a great cook and a very proud baker. But my love of Sandra's tantalizing, warm, blueberry crumb loaf, or her spiced pumpkin loaf is on a whole other planet. I have to try not to gush about them too much around my wife so I can avoid causing any marital discord in the household."

Joe D'Amore

President and CEO of D'Amore's Pizza

Star of "That's D'amore's" Reality Show

Malibu, CA